Challenges are chances—to grow; to learn; to laugh at our mistakes and see they aren’t fatal; to stand taller; to support each other and to shine brighter. Let’s take chances together. Join our community and take your chances

Rubber Bands and Possibilities

I recently read a study about rubber bands and possibilities. You can see the whole story here, but bottom line is this: when people were told a rubber band IS a rubber band, they didn’t imagine it could also be...

What they're saying...

So grateful for these last 30 days!!! I have learned so much from reading everyone’s posts, and it has been overall so motivating. I love seeing how things can be achieved from a multitude of perspectives. Thank you all for being inspirations to me!!


This was truly inspiring, made me think outside of the box, deal with things in a different way and feel more positive about life in general. Some of the challenges I will continue on a daily basis and some I will re-read and challenge myself again. Again, thank you for the last 30 days!


I am so grateful for these challenges! I have learned a lot about myself as well as the lovely people who participated. I feel like I have new friends. I am also thankful that this challenge finally got me meditating. I have always said I wanted to but never really put it into practice. And, I (and my daughter) are loving it!


I loved these challenges Heather. I looked forward to my new challenge every day. I also took the opportunity to share what I was learning with my children. On the way to school, my son would read my challenge to me in the car. It was a lot of fun! I am glad we ended with grateful. I never want to take my many blessings for granted.


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