Heather is a patient, who has experienced enough healthcare crises to understand the depth of frustration healthcare can present. She is a caretaker, having worked with loved ones to learn to live with and overcome healthcare challenges both acute and chronic. She also intimately knows the challenges providers face, having served as an advocate and counselor to doctors, nurses, and ancillary staff for over 20 years. Heather takes this uncommon experience and uses it to help all members of the healthcare team achieve their highest potential.

Heather works with patients to show them what they can do to maximize their wellness potential. Better communication with providers is proven to lead to better health habits. Heather knows how to make that communication happen.

She’s worked with healthcare providers to ensure they are communicating in ways that increase patient satisfaction and decrease the chances of lawsuits. Heather provides both on-boarding seminars and regular workshops to ensure providers maintain their standards of excellence at all times.

She also consults with tech companies to ensure that humanity isn’t forgotten as technology becomes more and more a part of healthcare. Technology has the power to revolutionize medicine, but that revolution must focus on humans, not machines. Constant contact doesn’t work without the human touch, and Heather has helped medical technology companies find that balance.

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