Speaking: 5 Reasons to Hire Heather to Speak at Your Event


Heather is relatable.

She has a unique background that makes her especially qualified to connect with patients and healthcare providers alike. She’s suffered from chronic illness, and as such knows the challenges of dealing with a frustrating and confusing health system. Heather has also represented providers in cases for 20 years, and is very tuned in to how poor provider/patient communication leads to burnout. She also knows there is a better way.


Heather is an exceptional communicator.

She has been speaking to juries for 20 years. In addition she has traveled the world to give speeches to all participants in the healthcare system. She’s a host on LawNewz.com, and a legal analyst for GoodDay Philadelphia. She is regularly asked to comment on legal stories for CNN, Fox News Channel, Fox Business, HLN and CBS Radio.


Heather is present.

She will show up every step of the way. Heather is thrilled to work with you and your team to plan workshops, keynotes, and break out sessions that are sure to engage your participants. Heather is organized, detail oriented, and she knows how to get things done.


Heather is credible.

She has tried scores of cases, mediated almost as many, and is consistently named one of the Top 50 Female Lawyers of Pennsylvania.


Heather is enthusiastic.

She’s had enough of the pain that poor communication in healthcare has brought, and she knows change is possible. By combining humanity with technology, and the knowledge of providers with the knowledge of patients/caretakers, Heather can help participants reach their greatest potential. Her passion shines so brightly that it lights up the stage and leaves every participant with a spark to carry into their lives.

Heather has spoken to:

Speaking Topics include:

"The Power of Potential: We Could Be Well” and “What Makes You Human? Maintaining Humanity in the Presence of Technology”

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